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They were the pinnacle of our high school pecking order although they were complete opposites.Marian, was quiet, kind and beautiful. She was polite to everyone she met and never had a cross word to say to anyone. For a girl who was that beautiful it was surprising. Maurice, who liked to be called Mo, was huge, imposing, arrogant, rude and an asshole. Those were his good qualities believe it or not. He had four years to pick on the nerds and geeks in our school and he loved every minute of it.To Mo's credit though, he picked on everyone he considered beneath him, which of course included everyone he ever met. He was the kind of guy who simply walked off the field after a football game or basketball game without bothering to shake the hands of the opponents. "Well, duh, of course we won," was his usual statement.Marian was so polite that before and after every game she went and introduced herself to the cheerleaders on the other side and coordinated when they'd cheer or do their. ." she muttered. "You're in love with me?" I nodded. "How-- what-- I'm--" She couldn't find the words. "I'm your fucking cousin." She had an upset tone, but she remained calm, for the most part. More calm than I deserved, anyway."I know. It's wrong. Believe me, I know that. That's why I can't do this, anymore. I can't be with her, because I love her too much, and I can't be with you, so I'm just gonna be with no one." Then she did something that shocked me beyond words. She hugged me. Tight. Like she was seriously worried about me. Like I was about to go off to war, or something."I'm so sorry, Alex," she said. "I'm so sorry." I decided to hug her back. "I honestly don't know what to say, or do at this point. I thought it was just a sexual thing. I didn't realize it was affecting you this much." She pulled away from the hug, but kept her arms on my shoulders. "I really wish there was something I could do. I hate seeing you this hurt because of me." I didn't know what to say. There.
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